Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining Your Heavy Equipment

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When it comes to the commercial heavy-duty vehicle inspection industry, clients have many questions but often find answers difficult to come by. Tombstone Heavy Duty Inc. wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you comprehend and communicate. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the maintenance of your heavy equipment.

1. What is the importance of maintaining equipment?

Having your equipment regularly maintained will ensure that things keep running smoothly. When routine maintenance needs go unnoticed or unattended, larger issues with equipment can result. If equipment starts to wear over time, without being maintained, the quality of the product being produced may be affected.

2. What are the three types of preventive maintenance?

There are three main types of preventive maintenance: Time, usage, and condition-based triggers. A variation of these types of preventative maintenance should ideally be scheduled and performed on all equipment items to prevent unplanned failure.

3. Do I need to inspect for wear and damage daily?

Yes, daily inspection and monitoring of machinery equipment help you check the wear and prevent the machine from breaking down. This would also help budget for components that need replacing ahead of the scheduled time.

4. How important is it that I keep the equipment clean?

Extremely. Contaminated machinery and a dirty environment can easily lead to and speed up machinery breakdown. Filters and seals should additionally be checked and changed regularly.

5. Should I get lubricants checked?

Yes, typically tested lubricants reduce friction on moving components in the machinery. Lubrication extends the life of machinery and makes its functionality easier.

6. Should I keep a record of schedules?

Indeed, record everything! It gives no room for mistakes in dealing with your machinery components. Recording your schedule will prevent upkeep repeats and errors. With this, you’ll be able to find out if the problem has repeated itself and needs more attention and save real money.

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